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Virilex: Advance Male Sexual Enhancement Formula Benefits: Heightens Sexual Response. Increase Stamina & Duration. Improves Sexual response. Increase testosterone Level. Restore Vitality & virility. May Increase Sperm Count. Increase Blood Flow to the Genitals. Amino Acid, Multi-Vitamins, & Herbs.

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VIRILEX is a powerful all-Naturals male sexual enhancement formula.

VIRILEX advanced formula contains Multi-potent extracts of aphrodisiac herbs fortified by adding multi-vitamins, mineral, & amino acid. It contains two powerful herbs (TRIBULUS & LONG JACK) that promote testosterone production.

Tribulus helps low sex drive, impotence and infertility.

Markedly stimulates libido and sexual desires.

Long jack known as “TONGKAT ALI” which is native to Malaysia and Indonesia is a folk powerful aphrodisiac herb, which acts as a boost for testosterone secretion. Native Indonesian people believe that long term using of this powerful herb may increase penis length and girth. Combination of Tribulus and Tongkat Ali has a synergistic effect on the male reproductive system.

VIRILEX boosts overall energy level. It contains powerful extract of two well-known energetic herbs (Korean & Siberian ginseng).

GINSENG is a good stimulating tonic and adaptogen. Impotent men show a 60% increase in sex drive and ability to achieve erection.

Siberian Ginseng also known as “Eluthercoccus” heightens sexual performance, increases sperm count and improves vitality. It is especially useful for impotency due to stress.

VIRILEX contains MUIRA PUAMA known as “potency wood” which increases sexual desire and helps in impotency or maintaining erection. It may work through nervous system or increasing of sex hormones production.

Research show it increases libido by 62% and improves impotence by 51%.

MACA is another herb found in VIRILEX, it’s a traditional Peruvian aphrodisiac and cure for impotency. It increases sex drive, sexual stamina, improves erectile dysfunction, increases sperm count and counters fatigue.

VIRILEX contains CATUABA which acts on brain and nerves, used for sexual weakness, male impotence, nervous debility and exhaustion.

VIRILEX also improves blood flow to genitals by two different methods:

It contains GINKGO BILOBA and HAWTHORN BERRY as general circulatory stimulants and XANTHOPARMELIA, CNIDIUM MONIER and Amino Acid Arginine as specific circulation stimulants.

GINKGO improves peripheral circulation and helps with impotence due to antidepressant drugs. It is also effective for treatment for depression and improving mental activities.

HAWTHORN works well with Ginkgo and also a well-known remedy for heart and cardiovascular system.

XANTHOPARMELIA relaxes smooth muscles found in the wall of vessels and significantly increases rush of blood to genitals. It’s a good alternative for VIAGRA which known as “Blue pill”.

CNIDIUM and ARGININE help to increase the entry of blood into the penis. Increased blood flow occurs because these two agents assist in the production of a radical molecule called Nitric Oxide (NO) which relaxes the walls of the vasculature.

Another important ingredient in VIRILEX is called YOHIMBE, and is without a doubt one of the most popular herbal aphrodisiacs on the market. It’s been used for many years with regard to enhancing the sexual experience. Yohimbe became very popular due to its ability to increase libido and blood flow.

VIRILEX also contains potent extracts of other herbs such as MUCUNA and DAMIANA. DAMIANA stimulates circulation and enhances pleasure in both sexes and relieves sexual performance anxiety. It also believed normalize hormonal problems and has a mild testosterone-like effect.

MUCUNA, which’s been shown to increase the production of L-DOPA that helps us to relax and enjoy the experience of intimacy.



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